Tuesday A kind shared space to get on with your tasks

Tuesday A kind shared space to get on with your tasks

Would you benefit from working in a shared online space? Drop by our meeting with any projects you are working on – an essay, a job application, your freelance work, your memoirs, your drawing or even your ironing. The session begins and ends with an optional check in/out and mindfulness exercises. The rest of the session is divided into 25min work segments (inspired by the pomodoro technique).

We are also joined by Jami’s vocational team who are available throughout the session to meet in a breakout room and give vocational support on topics like interview prep, job search and more!

This group was founded by Sarit Gafan.


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07 Feb 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm




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0208 458 2223
[email protected]

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