Head Room by Jami is more than a café. We are a community hub on the high street, where coffee, conversations and connections are made.

Offering mental health support

By providing a relaxed and welcoming space, where mental health support and education are accessible to everyone in the community, Head Room is changing the way the Jewish and wider community think about mental health, helping to normalise conversations about mental health and mental distress, and raise awareness of a condition that affects one in four people in England every year. More importantly, our café has been the pioneer in taking mental health support from an institutional setting to the high street, leading the way for others to follow.


Our free community programme

From Monday to Friday, we offer a free community programme of groups and activities to support mental health and wellbeing. Everyone is free to join online and in-person sessions where, with our peers, we share experiences, explore our creativity, complete personal projects, go on leisurely walks, join friendly discussion groups, or just enjoy a coffee and a chat.


All are welcome to enjoy our café’s vibrant kosher food and drinks menu.

The café is available to hire for private events and business meetings. Boasting good value for money, helpful staff, free WiFi, a delicious kosher menu and proximity to good transport links, it’s the ideal venue for any occasion.

London Living Wage employer

We are pleased to be an accredited London Living Wage employer. We believe in taking care of our team because they take such good care of all our customers, whether they’re stopping by to join our community programme or to enjoy a meal. By paying a fair wage, we make sure that our staff can properly take care of themselves too. You can find out more about the Living Wage at livingwage.co.uk.

Jami improves and saves lives impacted by mental illness in the Jewish community

Statistics show that in any one year, 25% of us experience a diagnosable mental health problem.

Jami supports many hundreds of people each year impacted by mental health problems, enabling those isolated because of their mental distress to become re-engaged with their family, friends and local community.

We improve mental health understanding for thousands more people through training, seminars and other educational sessions.

Jami has never been more needed to deliver life-saving mental health services now, and to grow to meet the increasing demand from adults and children in our community.

All money taken in the café contributes to delivering Jami’s vital mental health services at the café and across the community. To find out more about Jami, visit jamiuk.org